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Dedicated Beauty Business Finance

The next few years hold exciting opportunities for businesses in the beauty, hair and well-being sectors as people generally invest more in their health and well-being. However, with opportunity comes competition. Business owners will need to invest in their brand as much as their products and services to stand out, attract new clients, and build loyalty in their customer base. This is where we can help you with beauty equipment finance and more options to help your business thrive and flourish, no matter the circumstances.

How does it work?

Aesthetic, Beauty, Salon & Clinic Equipment Financing Available

We know that finance can sometimes be confusing and stressful, but what we do is simple.

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2. Understanding your business.

A dedicated account manager will discuss your needs and collect documentation.

3. Our experts do the leg-work.

We find the right deals, complete applications on your behalf and get you a no obligation quote.

4. Your no-fuss finance is funded.

If accepted, your assets will be bought and delivered or the finance released to your account.

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Know what customers you’re looking for

When it comes to running a successful business offering beauty and well-being services, the three most important factors to your customers are quality, affordability and reputation. There’s an old adage: “You can lose customers on price but gain them back on quality. Lose a customer on quality, and you’ll never get them back on price.” The lesson here is that affordability doesn’t mean lower cost but higher value. Invest in quality, and your brand will be talked about. Providing an end-to-end service that exceeds expectations is crucial, whether that be the right environment, equipment and machines or the right technology. Beauty equipment financing from Portman can help you invest in quality where it counts.


Equipment finance for your salon, physio or clinic

From a great website or social media presence to a smooth booking or enquiry system, customers now expect a seamless experience. Your brand matters to your customers, who want to be proud to tell their friends where they go. On top of the services you can offer, the newest equipment, laser machines and tanning booths, the comfort of your salon chairs, and the design of your waiting area and its furniture all form part of the experience and increase the customer’s likelihood of returning. If you want to offer new services, need new equipment or simply want to refit your premises, Portman can help you use beauty equipment finance and more options to achieve your goals.

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Take your salon to new heights with new tech

If you want your brand to remain relevant, investing in technology could be a good way to do it. For instance, beauty buyers are adopting augmented reality to ‘try before they buy’ makeup products. Higher income groups are looking to digital assistants like Alexa and Siri to offer beauty advice. Finance, such as loans for beauty salons from Portman, can help you transform your tech and give your customers a standout experience.


Beauty and wellness are one and the same

Your customers consider beauty and wellness to be one and the same and feel better in themselves if they feel better about themselves. So, if your business is in beauty, you could also invest in branching out to offer wellbeing products. A business loan from Portman could support your expansion into beauty treatments if you own a hair salon, whether it be through beauty equipment finance or more loan options.


Develop inclusivity with Salon Finance

The market for male beauty, hair and wellbeing products and services is growing rapidly. Sure, they may not be big buyers of cosmetics, but they’re not far behind females for skincare and hair styling products. And they are bigger buyers of personal grooming products. Combined with this is the need to make sure you are catering for the full spectrum of skin types. The world is an increasingly diverse place. East Asian, South Asian, African, Caribbean and European heritages are all celebrated, but have their own skincare characteristics and challenges. Make sure your services are inclusive of your entire local community. With a loan for your salon or clinic from Portman, you could develop your range and services for this growing market.

How can we support your Beauty business with finance?

Whether your business is in beauty, hair or wellbeing, the future holds plenty of opportunity. As long as you invest in the right ways to rise above the competition. For a better understanding of how Portman can help you, here are a few ways we can assist with beauty equipment finance and more options. For more information, give our expert team a call for further advice.


Hire Purchase

For beauty equipment finance, you can take advantage of hire purchase which involves paying VAT and a deposit up-front. Thereafter, fixed monthly repayments are made, affected by whether you pay off the entire loan over the term or choose a final balloon payment. At the end of the term, you have to option to purchase for a nominal fee, transferring ownership of the asset to the customer.

We recommend hiring purchases for assets with a significant usable lifespan, a high residual value and unlikely need to be upgraded. Especially if a company wants to own the item at the end of the term.

Explore Hire Purchase

Lease Finance

If you’re looking to acquire hard or soft assets without the upfront costs associated with large purchases, you may be interested in equipment leasing. This process involves a lender purchasing the item and the business leasing it through fixed monthly payments over an agreed term.

Many high-value assets in the beauty industry, from salon beds to specialist equipment and even vehicles, allow you to offer mobile appointments. However, at Portman, we also arrange lease finance for soft assets, like IT equipment, salon furnishings and product supplies.

Explore Lease Finance

Business Loans

If you need a way to smooth out cashflow fluctuations or take advantage of new opportunities, a business loan could be the answer. At Portman, Business loans are repaid in monthly instalments, including interest, over an agreed term.

Business loans can be secured or unsecured; however, we typically provide unsecured loans. These can be more flexible and do not require collateral but are likely to require a personal guarantee. Secured loans are tied to an asset which the lender can claim ownership of if repayments are not made; these may be used in beauty equipment refinance deals.

Explore Business Loans

Start Up Loans

New beauty businesses and salons often need an injection of finance to get them off the ground. Beauty asset finance for new businesses allows you to focus on running your salon and bringing in customers, confident that you have the equipment, products or supplies you need without the large initial outlay.

Using finance for your equipment means preserving the credit card or overdraft for contingency and operating expenses when the unexpected happens.

Explore Start Up Loans

Equipment Refinance

If you recently bought a high-value item outright for your salon or home beauty business but would now prefer to have financed it, we can help with a sale-and-lease-back agreement. For items less than 3 months old, we can calculate the current value with a copy of the invoice. After a few checks and acceptance of the term and monthly repayments, we can give you the cash equivalent of the invoice to put back into the business. You’ll then make fixed monthly payments, including interest, whilst your asset brings more money into the business. 

If you have high-value assets in your salon that are not currently on finance, subject to a valuation, it is also possible to use them as security for a loan. Lenders may offer a cash loan up to a % of the asset’s value.

Explore Refinance

Recovery Loans

During the pandemic and various social distancing measures, many beauty salons struggled to earn money as they could not offer their services. Even on returning to normality, many regular clients ore-pandemic decided not to pick back up their usual habits. Recovery loans offer an excellent way of ensuring your business gets back on its feet after the long-term effects of the pandemic and even the subsequent supply chain disruption. Businesses with turnovers up to £45m, including those who have previously benefited from the government’s CBILS, BBL or RLS, can apply.

Recovery Loans can be used for any legitimate beauty business purpose or simply to provide cash flow. Rates are capped at 14.99%, and the government guarantees 70% of the outstanding balance, giving added security to lenders who can now consider finance for businesses that may have previously found it difficult to obtain.

Up to £2m can be borrowed on terms from 2 to 6 years. Your personal private residence cannot be taken as security.

Explore Recovery Loans

Successful Beauty businesses protect, invest and evolve.

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