May 09, 2022

Subway Franchise Finance – A Quicker Path to Owning a Business

If you are thinking of starting your own business, there are two basic options to choose from: starting from the ground up and getting a franchise.

Buying a franchise offers a few key benefits that prospective business owners may find appealing.

For one, you will be working with a strong brand with a good track record of success. Those are bolstered by specially designed training programs which can help set you up for success. Alongside that, you will receive operational support and marketing assistance.

But if there is one benefit that sets franchising apart from starting a business from scratch, that would be risk avoidance. All types of businesses carry a considerable amount of risks. But because you are working with a tried and tested formula when you buy a franchise, these risks are lowered.

In the United Kingdom, one franchise has remained popular since coming to the country in 1996: Subway.

Established in 1965 in Connecticut by Fred DeLuca, Subway has built a solid reputation in the fast food industry, anchored upon its sandwiches. In 2010, the brand embarked on an ambitious expansion campaign. This has allowed Subway to increase its worldwide presence. In 2016, the company reported that it has established a presence in over 100 countries and has opened more than 43,000 stores.

Compared to other fast food franchises, the cost of a Subway franchise is considerably lower, making it a popular choice for people who want to start their own business but have little to no experience.

Typically, a Subway franchise costs £150k, including £85K for the fit out and other related works and another £65K for the acquisition of kitchen and other equipment.

For some, this relatively low franchise cost may still be steep. Does that mean that you have to wait until you have a large upfront capital before getting your own Subway franchise?

With Portman’s Subway Franchise Finance, you do not have to wait months or even years to get your own store up and running. We offer the most affordable route toward Subway franchise ownership. We can finance the whole cost, from the franchise fees up to your kitchen sink. Of course the cost will be high but we have the means to help you get your franchise right away. We can also offer you an up to 5 year lease for equipment with a very easy monthly payment option which is obviously the most affordable way.

Whether you are planning to set up your first store or if you wish to add one or more stores, you can leverage Portman’s 50 years’ worth of experience in asset finance.

Contact us now and talk to our dedicated account managers about how you can get the help you need for franchising a Subway.