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Franchising Finance and Loans

Franchising has never been more popular. The experience of the last two years has given rise to the ‘gig’ economy, hybrid flexible working and a desire by many people to change careers or work for themselves. In the aftermath of the pandemic where job security is fragile, and incomes are being stretched by soaring prices, the potential earnings and flexibility offered by franchising is appealing to many who want to take the leap towards a more independent future.

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We know that finance can sometimes be confusing and stressful, but what we do is simple.

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2. Understanding your business.

A dedicated account manager will discuss your needs and collect documentation.

3. Our experts do the leg-work.

We find the right deals, complete applications on your behalf and get you a no obligation quote.

4. Your no-fuss finance is funded.

If accepted, your assets will be bought and delivered or the finance released to your account.

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Finance your franchise buy-in and fit-out

Initial buy-in fees can be anywhere from £5,000 – £500,000, and can go much higher depending on the brand you’re buying into. At the top end a McDonald’s franchise could set you back £1m once the fee, fit-out and premises are taken into account. Portman already supports a number of high street chains with a range of franchise funding options. Loans are available to cover your buy-in and asset finance for your equipment or your fit-out costs means an initial outlay doesn’t  hold your business back in those crucial early months.

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Fund your franchise start-up

For many franchises, the start-up costs are going to represent the largest outlay and the most significant obstacle to making your new future a reality. Premises, fit-out, furniture, flooring, kitchen equipment, packaging, IT, printing, signage, marketing – interactive menus! All are going to hit hard up front. It’s best to talk your plans through with Portman Asset Finance early, so your dedicated advisor can give you the best guidance on routes to finance.


Franchise loans for your lifestyle change

Getting your own franchise is all well and good, but for many that means transitioning from a steady paycheck to a period of uncertainty as your franchise gathers pace and custom. Paying between 5 and 20% of your revenue to the franchisor can also hit the profit you thought you would make in the early days. Portman can structure a business loan with scheduled payments that can help you bridge this period, allowing you to focus on building your business and winning customers.

How can we support your Franchise business

There are a myriad of franchise opportunities out there. Whichever one is right for you, they’ll all come with their own variety of costs to consider. Portman has extensive experience supporting some of the biggest franchise names, putting together individual finance or leasing solutions that are just right for you and your new venture. Our advice is to talk to us early, let us help you plan the finance you’ll need in good time, so everything is ordered well in advance of your big opening.


Hire Purchase

Hire purchase usually involves paying the VAT and a deposit up-front. Fixed monthly repayments are then made, affected by whether you pay off the entire loan over the term or chose a final balloon payment. The final option to purchase is guaranteed for a nominal fee, transferring ownership of the asset to the customer.

Hire purchase is well-suited for situations where a company definitely wants to own the item at the end of the term, often where the asset has a significant usable lifespan, a high residual value and will not need to be upgraded.

Explore Hire Purchase

Lease Finance

Equipment leasing allows a business to acquire hard or soft assets without the upfront costs associated with large purchases. A lender purchases the item, the business then leases it through fixed monthly payments over an agreed term.

Typically, asset finance is provided for high value ‘hard’ assets such as machinery, equipment, or vehicles, but Portman also arranges asset finance for ‘soft’ assets such as IT, fitness, catering, or vending equipment, as well as premises fit-outs, furniture or even air-conditioning.

Explore Lease Finance

Business Loans

Business loans are a way of borrowing money, which is repaid in monthly instalments, including interest, over an agreed term. Business loans are a common way to help smooth out cashflow fluctuations and take opportunities where otherwise they could be missed due to a lack of working capital.

Business loans can be secured or unsecured. Portman typically provides unsecured loans which can be more flexible and do not require collateral but are likely to require a personal guarantee. Secured loans are tied to an asset which the lender can claim ownership of if repayments are not made, these may be used in equipment refinance deals.

Explore Business Loans

Start Up Loans

New businesses often need an injection of finance to get them off the ground. Asset finance for new businesses allows you to focus on running your company and bringing in customers, confident that you have the equipment, vehicle or stock you need without the large initial outlay.

Using finance for your equipment means that you preserve the credit card or overdraft for contingency and operating expenses when the unexpected happens.

Explore Start Up Loans

Equipment Refinance

If you recently bought a high-value item outright but would now prefer to have financed it, we can help with a sale-and-lease-back agreement. If the item is less than 3m old, give us a copy of the invoice and we will calculate the current value. After a few checks and acceptance of the term and monthly repayments, we can give you the cash equivalent of the invoice to put back into the business. You’ll then make fixed monthly payments including interest, whilst your asset earns you money.

If your business owns high value assets that are not currently on finance, subject to a valuation, it is also possible to use them as security for a loan, with lenders offering a cash loan up to a % of the asset’s value.

Explore Refinance

Recovery Loans

Recovery Loans offer an excellent way of making sure your business gets back on its feet after the long-term effects of the pandemic and subsequent supply chain disruption. Businesses with turnovers up to £45m, including those who have previously benefited from the government’s CBILS, BBL or RLS, can apply.

Recovery Loans can be used for any legitimate business purpose or simply to provide cashflow. Rates are capped and the government continues to guarantee 70% of the outstanding balance, giving added security for lenders who are now able to consider finance for businesses who may have previously found it difficult to obtain.

Up to £2m can be borrowed on terms from 2 to 6 years. Your personal private residence cannot be taken as security.

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