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Finance for Garages and Vehicle Maintenance Businesses

The garage and vehicle maintenance sector is facing a number of disruptive trends, which business owners need to be aware of and plan for if their businesses are to survive and thrive in the coming years. That doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities. Quite the opposite, but shrewd investment will be required.

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Keep up with the pace of change

Mechanically, vehicles are more reliable than ever. Technologically, they are more complex and sophisticated. If you think this won’t apply to small garages whose work is predominantly on used vehicles, then you could be at risk of being left behind. In 2015, 1.1% of new vehicle registrations were electric or hybrid. By 2019, that figure had risen to 3.2%. By the end of December 2021, the rate had increased to 10.7%. The headlines: the pace of transition to EV is accelerating. In both new and used car markets. Owners need to know you can diagnose and handle their cutting edge systems. 

Garage owners need to invest in training of staff and EV-specific equipment now. The first wave of EVs are already at MOT age. You need to get ahead of the curve, not lag behind it. Drivers will want a local solution and the customers you win now will help you win more EV customers tomorrow. A loan for garage equipment from Portman can get the ball rolling, but Portman Asset Finance can support your every need, from training to equipment to marketing.


Become an approved supplier

Drivers are increasingly looking to leasing options to finance their transition to the latest vehicles – that goes for fleets as well as domestic customers. That means significantly less work for independent garages… unless they can become part of the lease companies’ approved networks. Find out what you need to do to become an approved partner for leasing firms and invest in the equipment or facilities needed to support that goal.

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Attract main dealers

There is an increasing trend towards using main dealers. This is partly driven by the increase in leased vehicles, but it’s also a consequence of suspicion or mistrust of independents. 

Main dealers won’t be able to manage everyone! Mirror what they do well to make your customers feel comfortable so they come back to you and spread the word. Invest in your customer facilities, technology such as a booking system, or social media presence with a loan from Portman. Develop your online profile and give your customers a seamless experience.


Support emerging markets

Hailing services such as Uber are on the increase (as is every other on-demand service). That means there will be more cars experiencing higher wear and tear, which will need trusted service centres to support them. Try marketing directly to independent drivers and offer special packages for servicing of their work vehicles. Invest in diversification such as valet and detailing services, or find partners you can collaborate with to expand your offering.