Hospitality Trends You Should Know About for 2022

From pandemics to war, major events have shaken not only the UK economy, but also consumer behaviour as we head further into 2022.  

With inflation rising and the last of lockdown restrictions lifted, businesses should look to make changes that accommodate the latest consumer expectations and turbulent economy.  

Failing to adapt to these trends could affect your potential business growth. Keep up to date with the latest trends below and consider the changes you may need to make with the help of our business loans and asset finance services. 

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10 Hospitality Trends for 2022 

  1. Supply chain pressure

    Post-Brexit paperwork, the reduced availability of anything around butchery, importing premium food from Europe and the war in Ukraine are all hitting the hospitality supply chain. Successful outlets will need to plan and order ahead. 

  2. Price inflation

    With inflation currently sitting at 6.2% (expected to rise to 7.4% by December 2022), increasing costs in food, fuel and energy will need to be passed on to consumers or hospitality margins will take a hit. 

  3. Technology

    The rise of food delivery apps and table booking sites were followed by independent restaurant apps during the pandemic, but it seems customers want to keep the facility to order food from the table. A smooth booking and ordering service is essential. 

  4. Automation

    Kitchen automation technology is becoming essential for managing bookings and orders, turning tables and inventory/stock management. Future proof your business and reduce mistakes in the kitchen. 

  5. Merchandise

    The trend of buying t-shirts and tote bags to show your support for your local pub/restaurant/café is expected to continue. Consider if this additional revenue stream could suit you. 

  6. Outdoor dining

    Prevalent when lockdown restrictions eased, outdoor dining looks set to remain popular, with the additional capacity helping customers feel comfortable and serving as extra capacity. Pods, bubbles, cabanas or simple pergolas and heaters are all options. 

  7. Staff shortages

    With many staff leaving the industry during the pandemic, those being attracted back are looking for better wages, security, career development and flexibility. Keeping the best will mean investing in people and rewarding performance. 

  8. Social media

    Instagramming a picture of your food or drink isn’t new, but with the recent meteoric rise of TikTok, viral trends remain important along with an interest in local produce, sustainability, new flavours and presentation. Stay relevant, keep refreshing your menu. 

  9. Unique experience

    It is reported that Millennials spend 13% of their income in restaurants and bars. They are looking for unique experience. Exciting venues, themed interior décor, local and home-made food and stylish presentation all create an experience they can’t get elsewhere. Is it time to refresh your interior? 

  10. Covid safety

    The pandemic might be fading but an interest in food safety and hygiene remains. Consumers are still keen to see food and drink outlets retain high standards of cleanliness. 

However you choose to drive your business forward in 2022, business loans and asset finance through Portman can help you keep up with the market and today’s consumer. 

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