The Portman Introducer App

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Allows you to estimate monthly finance repayments, making it easy to judge the affordability of a purchase.

  • Apple, Android and Windows
  • Enter the £, term & credit rating
  • Adjust and find a value that works
  • Easily send over enquires
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  • Download now for all device types
  • Quick access to the finance calculator
  • Search your enquiry history
Your easy-to-use finance tool, right at your fingertips

Our Portman Introducer App – Exclusive to Signed-up Partners


What is the Portman App?

Increase sales & customer satisfaction with a handy repayment estimator powered by Portman

The Portman App allows you to:

  • Generate Instant Repayment Estimates – Estimate monthly repayments for your customers allowing them to judge affordability and make informed purchase decisions. No need for lengthy calculations or waiting for quotes – the app delivers immediate results.
  • Simplify Lead Generation – Identify customers interested in finance by capturing their basic details through the app. This removes the need for spreadsheets, emails or notes, saving you time.
  • Connect with Dedicated Account Managers – Submit customer enquiries with ease through the app. Your Account Manager will receive them within a couple of minutes, ensuring your customers receive the support they need to finalise their financing and complete their purchase.

Who can use the Portman App and how can I access it?

Unlocking the Power of the Portman App

The Portman App is exclusive to our valued Partners. While anyone can download the app from app stores, full functionality requires activation by your dedicated Portman Account Managers. This ensures secure access and personalised setup for Partners’ business needs

Already a Partner, but Missing Your Login Credentials?

Simply reach out to your Account Manager. They’ll be happy to guide you through the activation process and get you started with the app’s powerful features. Not sure who that is, give us a call on 01604 761276, ask for our Business Development team and they will get you set up.

Not a Partner?

Get started by visiting our Partner information page for more.

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Help your customers overcome financial barriers by offering financing solutions from Portman

How do I use the Portman App?

Getting Started ?
Get the App ?
Log-in ?
Finance Calculator ?
Enquiry History ?
Contact Portman ?

Getting Started

Get Access

Get started with the Portman App.

  • Make Sure You Have Access – Every App user needs to exist on our system as an individual contact, so we can grant access. Let your Business Development Manager who needs access and we will send you an email invite.
  • First-Time Login Issues – If you’re a new user encountering difficulties while signing in for the first time, contact your Business Development Manager for help. They’ll be happy to guide you through the setup or get your password reset.
  • General App Support – For any other enquiries or troubleshooting needs, explore our Portman App Guide or simply click the link below to send an email directly to our App Support Team.


Read the App Guide


Get the App

Download the Portman App on your Preferred device

Install or view the Portman Partnering App via your preferred platform. Select from the buttons list, below.

Note: Unable to locate the Portman App in your device’s app store? You can conveniently access your Portman account using any web browser.


Download via Apple App Store

Get it from Google Play

View online by Web Browser Access



Once you have the App, it’s time to Sign-in

Launching the Portman App for the first time?
The email address we have on our system, the one that received the invite is your log-in username/email then you will create a secure password. You’ll gets access to the Dashboard, your central hub for all app features. From here you can use the Finance Calculator, track past enquiries, access Portman’s contact details, and manage your personal settings.

What can I access from the Portman dashboard?

  • Finance Calculator
  • Enquiry History
  • Portman Contact Details
  • Personal Details & Settings



Finance Calculator


Get a quick estimate for your customer’s monthly finance payments right within the Portman App
Frustrated with time-consuming estimates? The Portman App empowers you to ditch that step altogether. Simply create financing estimates and enquiries for your customers with a few clicks, streamlining the process and getting them the answers they need faster.

From the Dashboard, simply click Calculate Now under the Finance Calculation section. This handy tool will help you estimate your customer’s monthly payment amounts, allowing you to provide them with financing options during face-to-face meetings or phone consultations with Portman


Finance Calculator

Step 1

Start a personalised estimate for your customer
Fill out the easy form to provide some details about your customer:

  • Borrowing amount – Enter the amount your customer is looking to borrow.
  • Term – Ranges from 2 to 6 years.
  • Deposit – Choose from a 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% deposit as an example.
  • Credit Profile – Estimate your customer’s credit profile. Choose from: Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average, Poor.

With this information, we can provide a tailored estimate of monthly repayments.


Finance Calculator

Step 2

Ready to see your finance options?
Once you’ve entered your customer’s details, click Calculate to get an instant estimated quote. This will give them a quick idea of what their monthly payments, interest, and borrowing might look like. The best part? They can easily adjust the borrowing amount, term, or deposit to explore different options that fit their needs.


Finance Calculator

Step 3

Get your customer connected with Portman
When you’re ready, offer your customer a seamless experience by connecting them directly with Portman. Simply click Enquire Now, we’ll ask for a few final customer details, and we’ll handle the rest which streamlines the process for everyone involved.


Finance Calculator

Final Steps – Make an Enquiry

Intuitive & hassle-free
After selecting the Enquire Now button, you will be presented with a form:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number – Please use a UK contact number.
  • Company Type – Choose from: Sole Trader, Partnership of 3 or less, Limited Company
  • Company Name – Please start typing and select from the dropdown to continue the form submission.

From here, submit your customer’s enquiry and Portman will handle the rest, contacting your customer directly and we’ll keep you informed of the outcome.


Enquiry History

See your previous Calculations and Enquiry History

You can:

  • Review Past Enquiries – Access a detailed records of the leads submitted to Portman.
  • Track Calculation History – Retrieve any estimates generated through the Finance Calculator.
  • Easy Calculations Retrieval – Navigate your history of calculations using a scrollable interface
  • Calculation Overview – Simply select a specific calculation or use the adjacent arrow icon to expand the details.
  • Simple Enquiry Creation – Turn a previous calculation into an enquiry without the need to start again.

To get started, select the Search button from the Portman App Dashboard.


Enquiry History

Save your enquiry and calculator history

Coming Soon…

We’re working on making it even easier!
Soon, you’ll be able to make calculations with repayment estimates then download them as PDFS for sending to customers alongside your own quotes.While we develop the export feature, you can easily take a screenshot using your device’s built-in functions. Most devices allow you to capture the screen by pressing a specific key combination.


Contact Portman

Get in Touch with Portman with Ease

The Portman App makes it simple to connect with us.
From the Dashboard, access the “Contact Portman” menu by selecting the “Check Details” button. This dedicated section provides you with various ways to reach Portman:

  • Direct Email
  • Website Link
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Number
  • Availability Information

Portman App FAQs

What is the Portman App?

The Portman App is a user-friendly tool that helps our Partnering Businesses streamline the financing process for their customers. It allows you to estimate monthly payments, submit enquiries to Portman on your customer’s behalf, and track past enquiries and calculations.

Who can use the Portman App?

The Portman App is designed for individuals who work with businesses seeking financing solutions, exclusive to our Partners.

Is the Portman App free to use?

Yes, the Portman App is completely free to download and use.

Download the Portman App on your preferred device:

Download via Apple App Store Get it from Google Play View online by Web Browser Access

Can other people from my company use my Portman App account?

For security reasons, each Portman App account is for a single user.
However, as a Partnering Business, if you have colleagues who would benefit from using the app, there’s an easy solution! Simply contact your Portman Sales Account Manager. They can quickly set up individual accounts for your team members, free of charge. These accounts will be accessible on any device, allowing everyone to streamline the financing process for your customers.

Can I access my Portman App account from different devices?

Absolutely! Your Portman App account is accessible across various devices for your convenience. This means you can use the app on your smartphone, tablet, or even a web browser, whether you have the Apple, Google Play, or web view version. This flexibility allows you to seamlessly switch between devices depending on your needs.


Portman App Use

How do I sign up for the Portman App?

You cannot directly sign up for the Portman App. The Portman is for our Partners and will need to be invited by a Portman Sales Manager who will provide you with a login email address.

I forgot my Portman App password, what should I do?

If you remember the email address associated with your Portman account, simply select ‘Forgot Password’ on the login screen. Follow the instructions to reset your password and regain access to the app.

Can’t remember your email address?

If you’ve forgotten the email address linked to your Portman account, reach out to your dedicated Sales or Account Manager. They can assist you in resetting your password and getting you back on track.

How do I estimate my customer’s monthly payments?

From the Portman Dashboard, use the Finance Calculator. Enter your customer’s borrowing amount, loan term, and deposit amount. Click “Calculate” to see an estimated monthly payment plan.

How do I submit an enquiry for my customer using the App?

Once you have a financing estimate, you can click “Enquire Now” to connect your customer with Portman for personalised assistance. We’ll handle the rest and contact the customer, based of their financial estimate needs

Can I see past enquiries and calculations I’ve made in the Portman App?

Yes. The Enquiry History section of the app allows you to view all your past enquiries and calculations.  You can filter and search by company name or date, and expand entries for more details.

Can I make an enquiry from a previous calculation? How does this work?

When you select a previous calculation, you can choose to initiate a new enquiry based on that information. This saves time by pre-populating some of the enquiry form with details from the existing calculation. Go to Enquiry History > Select your Calculation > Enquire Now. You’ll simply need to fill out the customer contact details and Portman will be in touch.

Can I send quotes directly to my customers through the Portman App?

Not yet, but the functionality is on the way! The Portman App is currently under development to allow you to download a PDF copy of your calculations and enquiries. This will make it easier for you to share this information with your customers as quotes.

In the meantime, here’s a workaround:

  • Access your enquiry history through the app.
  • Locate the relevant calculation or enquiry for your customer.
  • Use your device’s built-in screenshot function to capture the screen.

We understand this isn’t ideal, and we appreciate your patience as we continue to improve the Portman App!

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the Portman App?

If you have any questions about the Portman App that are not answered in these FAQs, you can reach out to your dedicated Portman Sales Manager for further assistance. You can find this in the App if you have access by selecting the ‘Contact Portman’ option from the Dashboard.

If you are not a Portman Partner, find out how you can join us on our Partners Sign-up page or Contact us for any other query.


Partners, Introducers, Vendors & Supplier Finance FAQs

What are the benefits of having a finance partner such as Portman?

If your business sells high value items, your customers may not always have enough free cash to buy outright or may prefer not tie up the cash they do have in an asset. Using finance allows businesses to get what they need now then pay back the finance as their asset generates revenue. Having Portman as your finance partner simply allows more customers to buy from you. In return, you may generate additional income by receiving a share of the finance amount. We can also provide marketing material to help you promote the partnership, as well as contact our customer database on your behalf to promote your business.

What are the benefits of having Portman as a finance partner?

If your business sells high value items, your customers may not always have enough free cash to buy outright or may prefer not tie up the cash they do have in an asset. Using finance allows businesses to get what they need now then pay back the finance as their asset generates revenue. Having Portman as your finance partner simply allows more customers to buy from you. In return, you may generate additional income by receiving a share of the finance amount. We can also provide marketing material to help you promote the partnership, as well as contact our customer database on your behalf to promote your business. We are also rated Excellent on Trustpilot, meaning your customers will experience excellent customer service.

Do you offer referral fees?

We may offer referral fees to a supplier who uses Portman as their finance partner. The exact fee will be based on many things including the potential volume of enquiries and value of finance being provided.

Is supplier finance considered a loan?

Supplier finance is an efficient way for business owners to obtain short-term credit without having to take out a loan. Supply chain finance is not considered to be a loan as it is often quicker to arrange and requires fewer criteria for acceptance. 

Can I offer finance to my customers?

Yes. If your customers might like to finance a purchase from you, whether that be for an expensive individual item or package of equipment, Portman can help. We can advise your customers how much finance might cost, which makes it easier for them to buy from you. As well as increased sales conversion, we may offer a referral fee for any finance taken out buy customers that reach Portman through a partner.