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Release equity from existing assets

How does it work?

Release Equity Options with Equipment Refinance, Made Easy

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How does equity release finance work?

Portman can help you release working capital from assets that you already own. If you recently bought a high-value item outright but would now prefer to have financed it, we can help through a sale-and-lease-back, or sale-and-HP-back facility. Typically if you have bought an asset within the last 6 months and would now have preferred to finance it, we can assist. Send your invoice to Portman and, subject to checks, we can usually facilitate a full invoice value payment to you. You’ll then make fixed monthly payments including interest under a finance lease or hire purchase agreement, whilst you retain full use of the asset. 

We can look to release cash from existing assets through refinance. As long as the asset has value and is not currently on finance, we can arrange an agreement where the asset is used as security for the loan. The funder will arrive at a valuation of your asset(s) and will typically lend up to an agreed percentage of that valuation. This is also well-suited to items coming to the end of an existing finance deal where a final balloon payment is required.


What sort of equipment can be refinanced?

Assets are split into hard and soft categories. Hard assets are largely machinery and plant or vehicles. These items have a higher long term value. Soft assets cover everything else: furniture, IT equipment, fitness or catering equipment, air con units etc. Portman can arrange refinance for any type of asset though the interest rate is likely to be better for Hard assets. Whilst the more recently you bought the assets the more likely we are to be able to refinance them, we can consider options for anything you bought in the last 12 months.


What is business refinancing?

Refinancing is often seen as debt consolidation, reorganising a business’ financial obligations by restructuring existing loans. This usually takes the form of transferring multiple loans into one or securing a lower rate if the business now has a better credit rating. The benefit of both options is typically lower monthly repayments either through changes to the rate or the term of the loan, effectively making the monthly repayments more affordable.

Portman is not a debt management company and we recommend seeking specialist advice if your sole aim is to consolidate loans. However, we are able to consider an element of refinance when looking at a new finance agreement, most typically if you are looking to part-exchange an existing vehicle with outstanding finance.

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