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Make it easier to buy from you, boost sales and conversion, choose Portman as your finance partner.

  • Both lender and broker
  • Funding vehicles in any sector
  • Work with all types of credit history
  • Finance options to suit all needs
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Make it easier to buy from you

Boost your dealership. Partner with Portman for commercial vehicle finance

Buying a vehicle on finance is as natural as taking a mortgage, spreading the cost of new plant, machinery or commercial vehicles is vital for many businesses who need to expand or upgrade. As a dealer its important you offer finance to boost conversion rates, so whether you deal in new or used vehicles, you need a finance partner that can work with every customer that steps onto your forecourt.

Portman was established in 2007 and has secured over £1.1bn in funding for customers across the UK. We help customers spread costs so they can get what they need now and unlock their potential. Whether you deal in agricultural machinery, HGVs & vans, material handling equipment or yellow plant, become a Portman partner and refer customers to us, making it easier to buy from you.

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Help customers expand or replace their fleet

Offer your Customers Finance Options with Portman


Who are Portman?

  • Established Business Finance Expertise – Since 2007, Portman has grown from start-up to a leading hybrid broker-lender. We offer a comprehensive suite of finance solutions, allowing business owners to achieve their goals.
  • Proven Track Record of Success – Our team has secured over £1.1 billion in funding for our clients through asset finance and business loans. This experience translates to better outcomes for your customers.
  • Rapid Growth & Scalability – Portman’s commitment to excellence has fuelled significant growth. We’ve doubled in size over the past two years, with a team of almost 100. We understand the needs and challenges of growing a business.
  • Unwavering Professionalism – Our in-house compliance and legal expertise ensure all transactions are completed with the utmost professionalism and adhere to the highest regulatory standards. When you partner with Portman, you have the peace of mind of working with a trusted and reliable partner.
Increase sales values and conversion rates

Why do dealers partner with Portman?


Dealers refer their clients to us for many reasons

Financial Expertise

  • We understand available finance options, which lenders prefer what types of business, increasing chances of acceptance.
  • We can cater to a wide variety of needs, provide tailored advice and access to a range of financial products not available on the high street, often securing deals not available elsewhere.
  • We can advise on complex projects or situations, sourcing funds from multiple lenders to find the best fit for your clients entire needs.

Impartiality and Compliance

  • Referring us your customers and we’ll give them an independent view of what’s possible for them.
  • You can also rest assured we will deal with the legal and regulatory aspects of finance correctly.

Build a Stronger Dealership

  • Cement the relationship between yourself and your customers, making easier to buy means more repeat customers.
  • You can also differentiate your dealership from competitors, offering a one-stop-shop able to compete with manufacturer finance.
How does it work?

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