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New facility – No personal guarantee on bills up to £150k for qualifying businesses

  • Avoid penalties and fines
  • Spread the cost over 3-12m
  • Preserve cashflow, avoid one large payment
  • Rolling credit option
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Spread costs over 3-12 months

Can I get a VAT loan for my tax bill?

Yes, it is possible to get business finance in the form of a VAT loan, spreading the cost of one large bill over 3 to 12 months, reducing the impact on business cashflow and avoiding the possibility of fines due to late payments. If your VAT forecast wasn’t accurate and you did not put aside enough money or you now need the cash for something else, finance might be a good option to protect your business particularly for those that might struggle to pay on time. Portman can help secure the funding you need to take the pressure off meeting payment deadlines. You can spread the cost of both VAT bills and Corporation Tax Bills.

Just Launched Through Portman – Spread the cost of a tax bill with a competitive short-term facility. Borrow £10k to £150k over 3m (VAT only) to 12m on Annual Flat Rates from 9.6% with no deposit required.

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How do I get a VAT loan?

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3. Our experts do the leg-work.

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4. Your no-fuss finance is funded.

If accepted, funds will be quickly released to your account.

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How do I finance my VAT tax bill?

Portman can arrange VAT loans that are designed to spread the cost of a quarterly or annual tax bill. There are a variety of products that we can provide depending on your needs. Business loans, short-term loans and flexi-loans may be good funding options.

Depending on the amount you need to borrow and how long for, our Account Managers will lay out your choices to help you decide what is most appropriate for you. As VAT bills are typically due 4 times a year, we would typically suggest a loan term of between 3 and 12 months.

Start your enquiry by completing our Enquiry Form. One of our Account Managers will give you a call to discuss your business and your needs.


Can I pay my VAT monthly?

Yes you can. With finance it’s possible to spread the cost of your tax bill with a VAT loan, allowing you to make affordable monthly payments rather than take the hit of one large invoice.

For SMEs cashflow is essential, paying your VAT bill is an unavoidable expense, so ensuring you can settle your bills whilst covering operational costs is vital.

If you need extra funds to help stay on track with due expenses, Portman can help you secure it. Short term loans or flexi loans can ease the pressure of paying one lump sum, allowing you to preserve cash.

Do HMRC have a monthly payment option?

You may be able to request a ‘Time to Pay’ arrangement with HMRC, but only if you prove that you are fully unable to afford your bill. However, qualifying for this scheme can be an indicator of insolvency. It’s possible that HMRC will seek to investigate the state of your business as a result. This option is only available to businesses who meet the criteria and using it could put your businesses in a negative light.

Learn more about difficulties paying HMRC .


When is my VAT Tax bill due?

Your VAT bill will be due 1 month and 7 days after the end of each quarter of your accounting period. It’s common for businesses to end their financial year at the end of March, June, September or December, meaning VAT bills will be due by 7th February, May, August and November.

It’s crucial to pay your VAT bill on time, interest and penalties will apply if you miss your deadline. HMRC can further escalate the issue if your payment becomes increasingly overdue by using winding up orders and liquidations, so make sure you have the funds to pay your VAT bill. Find out about late payments on the government website.


Should I take a VAT loan?

Taking a VAT loan depends on your specific financial situation and business needs.

If you didn’t accurately estimate your bill and did not put the correct funds aside, need to use your free cash for operational costs or simply prefer to spread the cost of your tax bill over a longer period, a VAT loan may be a viable option. This can help you avoid late payment penalties and maintain good relationships with HMRC. Portman will work with you to help you understand the costs associated with financing and ensure that you can afford the repayments.

Portman can also help you spread the cost of your corporation tax bill.


Why Choose Portman Finance Group?

At Portman, we are proud to offer a personal and professional service. Plus, since 2007, we have sourced over £1 billion in funding for more than 15,000 UK businesses. 

You’ll love working with us because;

  • We compare the market through a panel of lenders
  • We help fund sectors and assets that others find difficult
  • We take time to understand your business and secure the right loan
  • We can source funds from multiple providers to get what you need
  • We will do our best to help even if you don’t have a strong credit history
  • We promise you will have one point of contact from start to end
  • We provide solutions quickly, sometimes within hours

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